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"Arche" was established as a magazine devoted to aesthetic as well as architectural creations, culture and critics. It was published since 1988 and used to be a black and white paper printed in A3 size. The first magazine was published in 1988 as a one-time publication since the then Main Office for the Control of the Press, Publications and Performances (censorship) did not grant its consent to publish the paper. "Arche" was published on a permanent basis however not regularly in the period from the year 1990, the moment of abolishing censorship, to the year 2000. "Arche" was a magazine published from time to time, that is three, four or two times a year. Its range of topics embraced all artistic disciplines: painting, drawing, photography, installations, theatre, opera, film, sculpture and architecture drawing out the old and recent connections between those fields. "Arche" attracted special attention to the formulation of new artistic proposals. We are reissuing "Arche" in the same size, in the form of a black and white paper as well. The range of topics remains the same however it is expanding. We are emphasising the notions and phenomena of genius loci, the culture of space and creativity.
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